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Hand Sensor Helicopter Rechargeable Aircraft Helicopter Electric Helicopter KD663A


1.Made of the high-grade material, which is durable,wear-resisting, anti-corrosion and eco-friendly. Easy to use operate, withstrong stability and flying effect, suitable for indoor flying play andoutdoor.

2.The product will automatically take off starting up. Intelligent hand inductionhelicopter, megically files above your hand, you can use your hand to controlit up and do.

3.Inductive suspension and collision protection,light weight, easy to fly with simple operation especially for beginner. It willcut off the power automatically when the fan blade is hindered, this will besafer.

4.Exquisite workmanship: the wings are flexible and not easy to break, soyou will have so much fun with theflying helicopter. It's rechargeable with USB cable. Usb charging makes it moreconvenient to use.